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The Power of Being:
I work in several modalities including Reiki, Intuitive Energy Medicine, FaeryLight, Angel Light work, the Lightarian Manifestation Ray (trademark of  the Lightarian Institute for Human Growth and Transformation), and Kinesiology.
The basic science behind these "energy work" modalities is that of quantum physics. Einstein said that matter is energy. On that basis, our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies are energy patterns as well as physical matter. At any given moment, you are a pattern of energy associated with your state of being. That energy pattern reflects your emotional,  physical, and spiritual state. A headache, or cancer...a sadness, or grief...is simply a pattern of energy within your being. By changing the pattern of energy, your physical, emotional, and spiritual body change--instantly! 
Reiki changes your energy pattern through gentle touch (simply laying hands upon your body or off your body) and channeling the universal life force energy that is everywhere to help balance your energy field. Intuitive Energy Medicine (I.E.M.) uses kinesiology (muscle testing) to access your body's intelligence and determine the source of the imbalance; and spoken numeric harmonics and instructions to release imbalances at the cellular level. Angel Light work employs the help of Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, your Highest Spirit, and other high level Spirit beings for Guidance and transformational energies.
In the strictest definition, the healer is the person who heals--it is their body and spirit that creates and recreates the condition of the body. Only you can heal yourself on spiritual, emotional, and physical issues. No one can force you to heal. Your doctor, shaman, sex worker, Reiki practitioner, massage therapist, drugs, herbs, lover, friend, etc. merely serves to help you remember how and allow your body to heal as it inherently knows how to rebalance.
Kinesiology can quickly show you the power of your thoughts on your state of being. You can see the power of your thoughts quite easily. Do an experiment with this. For instance, the next time you are at the gym, say to yourself "I am so out of shape and weak" while you are lifting weights. See how many reps you can do. Then try saying to yourself "I am so strong and energetic" and see how many reps you can do. Or, you might try telling yourself "I am so sad, it's a lousy day, and I feel crappy" and notice how your body feels--your posture, your level of aches and pains, etc. Then try saying to yourself "I'm so happy, I feel great, I'm doing great things with my life, and I'm having a great day" and notice your posture and your level of energy and how your body feels. You will quickly prove to yourself that what you tell yourself does affect your body and emotions. On that basis, you will realize why hypnosis works, and also realize that the thoughts we run through our head and the thoughts we hear from others (whether on the news, in books, in person, etc.) form a rather constant state of hypnosis. If your nose starts to run, and you start saying to yourself "I'm getting a cold, I'm getting a cold,...", guess what? your body responds and creates the pattern of a "cold" in your body.
The simplest way to heal is to decide in the present moment how you want to BE and start BEING it. Focusing on how you do not want to be, or why you can't be how you want will only keep you stuck there longer. Form follows thought. Anyone with any experience driving, or for that matter, walking, knows that you keep your vision on where you are going, because that's where you are going to end up! If you focus very long on where you don't want to go, or what you don't want to run into, you're likely to end up where you don't want to be. Or, consider rock climbing. If you get stuck, it doesn't serve you to keep focusing on "paths" you can't take, you have to look for the way you can go.
Sister can you spare a paradigm?
We live our lives based on our meta-beliefs and paradigms. My own diverse experience amongst different cultures has shown me the impact of what we choose to believe on our life. I grew up in the suburbs where the social construct was that you had to have a car, a corporate job, life insurance, a refrigerator, and electricity. I spent seven years living a horse drawn lifestyle and spent time amongst the Amish who believed in not having cars, not having insurance, not having electricity, etc. People lived just as well with out these things, not necessarily better and not necessarily worse. There were happy Amish and sad Amish, content Amish and miscontent Amish, just as there are with suburbanites. I learned from these experiences that  we don't have to have anything. That everything is a choice. And, most importantly, content and peace come from making conscious choices--empowerment.
What you believe is what you get.
When you start observing yourself and others in this way, you will begin to notice people's stories and patterns. Often it's easier to see other people's patterns rather than our own. There are people who "work hard for their money" and those to whom "money comes easy". There are those who see that "work sucks" and those who "love their work". There are those who say "it's a hard miserable life", and those who find "life a joy". You will find that some of the opposites even share similar challenges with disease, etc., yet they respond differently. It is just like an optimist and pessimist walking down the same street and each having a completely different experience. Our background beliefs, our thoughts, our stories about life are like glasses with different lens through which we see the world.
John Muir believed that Nature loved him and was not out to kill him and rode down an avalanche in a fit of glee!
What are your stories? your beliefs? your prayers and intentions?
The Empowerment Paradigm
Empowerment is about making conscious choices in each moment to excercise what power we have. I take this theory one step beyond to what I call the Empowerment Paradigm... which to me means that either we or our spirit has chosen everything in our lives. Our spirit chooses which  body to  incarnate into (or which form... I feel like our spirit's could choose to be trees, animals, effervescent spirits... anything....), and which family to be born into, and every detail in our life. You might ask why I believe such a thing. The reason is threefold: first, it rings true to my body and soul; second, it give me gratitude and a way to harvest each experience; and  thirdly, it give me hope and possibilty for change. I can look at my past, and think what gifts could I have received by the unique situation of my family. I can take an experience such as a serious illness and find the gift in it, and I can ask for the pattern to be un-done so I might be healthy again. When we combine this with the pattern of energy belief system I describe above, it means that there are really no conditions on what states we can change into, except those we impose upon ourselves.
If our consciousness creates this reality, then we merely need to change our consciousness. The challenge to that is that our thoughts are many and often incongruous. We want to feel good, but we want a day off from work and we can get that with a sick day.  We want money, but we have negative judgements about rich people.  Most of us are so full of stories and thoughts about each situation in our life that we can't see how our life is the sum total of our thoughts and intentions.
Shifting Consciousness: Shifting Realities
Several years ago, I made the prayer to be able to shift realities such that a person could come to me with a broken arm and leave a session with it being unbroken. Soon after I began meditating on the prayer, I was at a party. I wasn't sure why, as the attendees appeared off the set of a Hollywood soap opera with fancy casual clothes. And then there was me with facial piercings and un-fancy casual clothes. I thought, "Well, I must be here for a reason." Soon, I found myself talking with a guy who was Native American and he began telling of his training with a Toltec Shaman and how he had learned about shfting realities pretty well, and was now learning the next phase. As he talked, I glanced at his hand and noticed a stub for the middle finger, and thought to myself how funny that I hadn't noticed that before. I was in mid thought when I noticed that the end of his finger was going off into space! Here I was witnessing someone shift realities in an extreme manner.The course of experiences that Spirit has been giving me since then are about the power of our thoughts. A bit later, I was seated and witnessed a young women state how she wanted to go out for a smoke but didn't know where to, or how to get back in to this secured loft building. My reality-bending friend, got up and shared his keys with her, explaining that the red key was for the outside door, and the green key was for the hallway door. The woman left for her smoke. A while later the door intercom buzzer rang and it was her, asking to be let in. My reality-bending friend got up and buzzed her in, exclaiming, "Gee, silly me! I meant to give her my keys, but I forgot!" I thought to myself, "Silly you, you've forgotten that you did give her your keys."  The young woman walked in and he went to her and apologized for not giving her his keys. I said, "but you did, don't you remember?" And my words went no where. No one resonated with them. and Mr. Reality Bender shot a glance towards me, and I knew he'd shifted my reality. As I walked home, I realized it was a gift from my Spirit to show me the realms of what is possible.
A few months later, I developed cold symtoms after a busy period that had culminated with me bearing witness and Reiki'ing a client as she transitioned from her physical body, ostensibly to cancer. It had been an interesting process as I held space for her to heal instantly. I'd visit and work on one symptom with her, such as back pain, and she was so receptive to the energywork, the symptom would always dissolve. Everytime I visited, we'd seemingly solve one symptom. So I held high hopes for her to transcend the cancer. But it eventually dawned on me that she was gonna leave her body and she wanted me there. A couple days later I went in and she was about to go. I'd attuned her sister to Reiki the night before. The painful breathing of death began, and we started to Reiki our friend, and her breath eased in a moment. I felt much of the Reiki as a parsing of thoughts: "Will my boys be Ok?"... "Yes, they'll be OK."; "What will I do?" ... "Don't worry, you can be a butterfly for a while... you can choose to be what you like with your spirit.". Then I sen the thought "Spirit, love the body and let it go. Body, love the Spirit and let it go." And she was gone. I helped prepare her body for "laying in state". That evening, I felt her Spirit having some remorse about having chosen to leave the body... (she just couldn't figure out a good way to continue in this body in this life). So I "told" her... "hey, your body is still here... I hold the space for you to return to it!" ("it will be a little strange, but it's a miracle I hold space for", I thought.) She declined.
At any rate, a day or two later, I had cold symptoms. Usually the last few years, I would have immediately meditated, Reiki'd myself, done Intuitive Energy Medicine, or something to take on the pattern of comfort and health in my body. But this time, I thought I'd let myself have the cold as it was a good excuse to take the break I'd promised myself for weeks. The next day I lay on the couch, barely able to move, completely miserable. I thought to myself, "I'm a Reiki Master dammit! I shouldn't be sick!"... then I remembered, I called my power back... "Why I'm just a pattern of energy and I can change that pattern with my will and I can ask my grid to realign to the pattern of being comfortable in my body!" No sooner than I had that thought, I began to feel my body buzzing with energy. I got up off the couch. My head was spinning a bit, but my body felt good. Then I had the thought, "But what about tomorrow..." I had a work shift the next day and had apparently thought I'd gain some love and sympathy by being a little sick. "Wooosh", the symptoms came back into my body and I nearly fell over. Then I thought, "Oh, I'll just receive Love unconditionally and have a fun... feeling-good time!"  The symptoms went away again. And I was fine.
The Power Of Being
The work, or rather "play",  I offer to share with you is the Power of Being Yourself. The Power you have to recreate your world... to change... to BE in ways that are more pleasant for you. My gifts to offer are energetic shapeshifting via intention and empowerment. I offer the stories of Uncondtional Love, Joy, Abundance, and Empowerment to you. I hold space for you to find your power. I bless you on your path. 
I offer this to you in the formats of energy work sessions in person and via distance, via Reiki, Intuitive Energy Medicine, kineseology, and intuitve shamanic energy work techniques. I also offer intention guidance in the realms of metaphysical counseling and affirmation. And I can train you in Reiki, Erotic Reiki, and FaerieLight.
Many Blessings!
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